Welcome to Green Leaf Arts District

Welcome to Green Leaf Arts District, where the heart and flow of the city is right around your future home. Located right next to museums, theaters, concert venues, businesses, and the best bars and restaurants in the metropolitan phoenix area. Green Leaf Arts District offers an exquisite blend of art, culture, music, distinguished luxury living, and extraordinary activities to fill your life with. Surrounded by remarkable attractions and fun activities for the whole family. Located right next to the phoenix art museum, you will always be able to attend all the new and exclusive gallery openings; or go see the new shows the phoenix theater company has to offer right around the corner. The multiple live music venues are all at a short distance away to captivate the ear with a different band every night. Add to that the Dozens of bars and refined restaurants like the Pa’la, Durants Fine Cuisine, and The Dressing Room surrounding the area, you will have endless amounts of dishes to delight your palate.